Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Customize Your List

~ edit subtitle ~

not only do you get a title for your list, but you get a subtitle as well.
You can do something like this:
Title: My top 12 list
Subtitle: things with numbers

Title: Color Me Bad
Subtitle: Red Items

~ edit location ~

The default for the location is "somewhere special," which is very sweet.

But, should you want to say "from the depths of hell" or "from my backyard" you can choose to edit this area. You can also add a link to this text if you choose to do so. So, you can link to your favorite coffee shop, your Etsy shop, your blog, your web site, whatever you want. So cool.

~ alternates ~

You can choose to show/hide your alternate selections. You can choose up to 4 additional items for your list. If an item from your list sells, you can move an alternate in to take its place. This does not happen automatically, so keep an eye on your lists. The alternates are a handy way to help you visually curate your list. If you have 16 items visible, you may want to mix and match a bit, or see that two items go better next to each other, etc.

Alternates are only visible to the curator, and are shown at 50% opacity to indicate their inactivity. You can drag an item from "active" to "alternate" and vice versa.


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