Wednesday, August 16, 2006


UPDATE: December 19, 2007
- # of lists is 333
- some wording updates
- added link to poster sketch tool in FAQ
- Maximum # of comments per list - dependent on length of comment

UPDATE: August 15, 2007
- # of lists is 222
- Wording updates in general
- Comments deleted (many were outdated and may seem confusing, since updates to the Treasury have been made).
- Maximum # of comments per list - 44

NEW RESOURCE: Screenshot Archive
FrucciDesign has created a flickr photo set to archive Treasuries! Did you see something you liked last week but can't remember what it was? Was your item in a treasury but you missed it? Go to this photo set to see Treasuries from the past.
NOTE: Treasuries move so fast that the archive has been difficult to maintain. Please continue to post screnshots, but do not rely on this archive to have every single list.

Etsy's Secret Treasury was created by Jared Tarbell.
This Guide was created by Jen Bennett Gubicza (sweetestpea) with help from Jared Tarbell.


Blogger Tif said...

Wow! Thanks, SweetestPea, for all the help. It is much appreciated as I was a bit lost reading about the treasuries in the forums. tiffanyteske

11:32 PM  
Blogger jordanlawrie said...

What is the difference between the regular treasury (333), and treasury west (222) ??

11:12 PM  

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