Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Special Features & Treats

~ comments ~

People can leave comments on your treasury lists. Hear what others have to say about your choices and comment right back! A great way to say why you like your favorites.
Note: Comments are limited by length. The average limit is usually around 40 comments depending on the length of text typed by each person.

~ reorganize ~

You can grab the cards to drag and move them around, helping you organize your list.
FYI - the little number in the upper right of each card indicates the # of times people have clicked the item.

~ stars ~

Blue stars: This indicates that you are the curator of the list
Gold stars: This indicates that one of your items is included in a list (visible to the public)
Silver stars: This indicates that one of your items is an alternate in a list (visible only to the curator)


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